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  • We believe life is a journey, not a competition
  • We believe strategy and action create amazing results
  • We believe good ideas should be shared
  • We believe you can do anything if you’re shown the steps
  • We believe life is too short for bad ice cream
  • We believe online business is more fun when you have the right tools
  • We believe in not making the same mistake twice
  • We believe in big fat audacious goals
  • We believe low quality products are never good value
  • We believe in putting yourself out there, even when it's scary
  • We believe in paying it forward
  • We believe anyone can learn online marketing. Even you.
    And we believe you were born to change the world.

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More about Amber Ward…


Hi, my name is Amber and I'm the founder of

I’m an Australian mother of two girls and I enjoy cooking, vegetable gardening, long drives and barefoot walks on the beach. I also dabble in website design, online marketing, guitar playing and songwriting.

In fact, when I’m not doing regular family stuff or at the beach, you’ll probably find me sitting on the edge of my bed with my guitar, playing quietly and working on new songs.

I built my first website in early 2009, and since then I've continued to learn about what works, what doesn't work, and how to do things better.

I'm good at figuring out how stuff works and communicating tricky concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

Over the last few years, I've used these insights to achieve some ‘interesting' stuff, like:

  • building a website for a local election candidate with SEO good enough to draw visitors from Google who had been searching for his rivals
  • making a ‘how to' YouTube video that's been watched 177,000 times (so far)
  • getting 32,000 targeted likes for a Facebook page with an ad spend of $164.19 (that's about half a cent per ‘like')

I love sharing actionable ideas that are working for me in the online realm. I also talk about mistakes I have made and things that I have tried that didn't work the way I thought they would – so you can avoid making the same mistakes for yourself.

If you'd like to look over my shoulder and learn how to put your online marketing strategy together, make sure you become an ‘insider'.


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